Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Re-Birth in a Hearth

The mothership has landed.

After a tempetuous, trying, joyful, all too stressful semester,
food once again reigns supreme.

without further ado, the blog re-begins!

the home-made escapade

talking to jon about our imagainary cafe, and following my own line of interests, leads me often to want to understand the way things are made. i have a natural interest in brewing, bread-making, wine, cheese, because they go right to the heart of food, and expose one of the biggest paradoxes that eaters face. the oldest and most "natural" traditions are often the least understood and the hardest to master.

so with brewing to come, and cheese and wine way off in the un-forseeable future, bread-making was the first on the agenda.

First a pain de campagne, which came out not too bad in flavor, not too wonderful in texture, with too much of that dense hippie quality!

On the second try I relax, allow the fermentation a bit of extra time, work a little bit more by feel and look than by the recipe, and achieve success. A soft and crusty Italian bread with strong and deep flavor, like a baguette in white bread clothing.

The glorious loaf, with glorious colors!

Dramatic Close-Up!

Holy Holes!