Tuesday, May 15, 2007

fresh zilberterie!

after a long break i have tons of food pictures (both of the elsewhere-eaten and home-made variety) waiting to be posted!

so i will try to post a bit each day, to catch up after this time of recital/finals/etc.

last week i made an astoundingly simple and ridiculously delicious pasta dish.
ever since dinner at carrie cerino's (with its pasta carbonara with two cooked yolks in the sauce and a raw yolk waiting to be broken on top, i've been fascinated by this idea of texture and sauce. specifically, creaminess without the cream! cream is great, but fettucine alfredo scares me, and i think always will.

so check out this recipe, care of nancy silverton and the nytimes
gimme the recipe, fool!
egg noodles and red cabbage(my substitution - unlimited supply at the dining halls, you know?) in an anchovy sauce topped with two over-easy eggs

oh, and mashing those eggs is fun.

read more about nancy silverton here : feed me pizza!